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A community for Artfire sellers to share their work & talk about Artfire
Come and join us, Artfire sellers! Post your wares and latest sales, screenshots of your Artfire studio, talk about strategies for selling, compare venues, promote your new guild, let's hear about anything you have to say about Artfire and selling handmade.

1. Only one sales post per day.
2. Entries with photos: you may post one 500x500 or smaller photo outside a LJ-cut, more photos have to be placed under a cut.
3. Art with nudity is allowed, but please place it under a LJ-cut marked nudity or NSFW (not safe for work).
4. No non-Artfire sales posts are allowed, but please feel free to discuss other venues (Ebay, Etsy, Dawanda, etc.) in terms of selling strategy, fees, comparisons, and so on.

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